Get Your OFFICIAL "Harden The Fuck Up" Merchandise.

The 3rd Degree is proud to bring you its official line of Ronnie Johns Half Hour and Chopper merchandise, including the very popular "Harden The Fuck Up" Inspiration Wristbands. They're being worn by everybody, even Stuart O'Grady and the CSC cycling team at the 2007 Tour de France

We'd like to issue a warning to our fans that there are a number of unscrupulous individuals who've decided to rip us off by producing their own wristbands. The official bands and are only available from the online store of this website. They are made from high quality silicone (not rubber) and are branded with the 3rd Degree logo in addition to the phrase "Harden The Fuck Up".

If your one of those jerks who's decided to rip us and our fans off we suggest that you "Harden the Fuck Up".

-The 3rd Degree


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